ERIC SUPENKSY - Artist Biography

Eric Supensky has worked in all aspects of film, television, theater, event planning, and museum exhibitry focusing his attention in the last 15 years on the highly specialized areas of make-up, mechanical special effects, props, sets, masks and costumes.

After studying Fine Arts at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland, Supensky quickly obtained professional assignments in theater and film projects. He has designed sets, props, masks and costumes for Center Stage, The Bowman Ensemble, Fable Vision, New Century Theater, Spotlighters Theatre, and Storybox Theatre.

Supensky has designed and executed large scale sets and installations in venues all across the United States for special event companies such as P.W. Feats, Quatrefoil, Baltimore Entertainment Connection, and Entertainment Consultants.

Film and television work has ranged from make-up to mechanical effects, set design and fabrication of props. Feature films include CHAINSAW SALLY, THE DEATH OF POE, GHOSTWATCHER, DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE. Television and industrial film and video companies that regularly call on Supensky to create the rare and unusual include Brain Box Entertainment, Preston Productions, Alpha Dog Productions, Sobo Productions and 911 Films, to name only a few.

During this early stage of his career, Supensky received countless citations and awards for his creative work. Supensky has been recognized by The United States Army, Fort Benning, Georgia; Community Advocates of Milwaukee; The Colman Camping Co.; The Education Channel of Maryland; The Maryland Department of Natural Resources; Johns Hopkins University Department of Vertebrate Paleontology; The Prince Georges Department of Environmental Education; Calvert Marine Museum; and The Smithsonian Institute of Natural History.

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